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Multibrand Professional Diagnostic Tool having the chance to widen the coverage up to Trucks and motorbikes. CAN BUS supported. It can connect to a PC. IN BUILD BLUETOOTH.
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Now it is a must to have a tool capable of perfoming thorough diagnosis on every electronic central unit of the vehicle, reading many parameters, enabling the parts to be checked, coding the parts. Moreover, an efficient âroad testâ system is equally a must, when it is not possible to troubleshoot an error on a still vehicle, since it is necessary to record data when the vehicle is running on the road. The test equipment for electronics must be efficiently integrated with the electric signal measuring module.

Engine diagnosis

  • Read and delete error codes.
  • Read the technical parameters of the engine which are necessary for a correct diagnosis, which go from the typical ârpmâ,âtemperatureâ, âlambda sensorsâ, âaccelerator pedal positionâ, âmeasu- red air flowâ and âinjection timingâ up to the latest parameters introduced for controlling the FAP/ DPF, such as âoil degradation indexâ, âdifferential pressureâ, âmeasured particulate matterâ, âcal- culated particulate matterâ or âflow rate correctionâ, âpre-injection control injectionâ, âpre-injection control timeâ for common-rail injectors, etc.
  • Display the engine conditions, such as in gear, immobilizer state, clutch and brake pedal position, air conditioning relay request and condition, fuel relays, cruise control state, etc
  • Enable parts such as fans, injectors, pumps, pump relays, pre-heating relays, EGR valve, throttle body actuator, etc.
  • Regeneration of particulate filter.
  • Starting from Code card.
  • Coding replaced parts, such as injectors, or perform teach-in procedures after replacing throttle body, clutch, air flow meter, FAP.
  • Reset autoadaptive parameters, in the event of mechanical part replacement (for example lambda sensor).

ABS/ASR/ESP diagnosis

  • Read and delete error codes.
  • Read the technical parameters which are necessary for a correct diagnosis: âwheel speedâ,
    âsteering angleâ, âyaw angleâ, âlateral accelerationâ, âbrake pedal pressureâ, âaccelerator pedalâ, âengine torqueâ, âtorque requested by the driverâ, etc.
  • Display the states, such as âsteering angle settingâ, âpump relaysâ, âASR requestâ, âbrake fluid levelâ, âbrake pedalâ, âbrake pad conditionâ, âsteering wheel rotation sensorâ, etc.
  • Enable solenoid valves, the pump motor, the switching valves.
  • Bleed the brakes.
  • Reset the steering angle (for the ESP).
  • Workshop

Airbag Diagnosis

  • Read and delete error codes
  • Read the technical parameters: impedance values of the various explosive charges indispen- sable for determining if the charges are working and connected correctly; value of the seat belt and pre-tensioner circuits for determining the correct operation of the elements which are essential for the airbag performance, etc.
  • Check the condition of the different airbags, pre-tensioners, control unit, if it is locked after impact (a control unit may be locked even without airbag explosion, for example, in the event of a soft impact), etc.
  • Code the control unit parts.
  • Lock/unlock the control unit (for example in order to avoid the airbag explosion while servicing the steering wheel).
  • Reset the correct operation of the airbag control unit after an accident.

A/C Diagnosis

  • Read and delete error codes
  • Read the parameters for a correct diagnosis: âcompartment temperatureâ in various positions, âexternal temperatureâ, âsun radiation valueâ, âhigh pressure valueâ, âlow pressure valueâ, etc.
  • Display the conditions such as âfan speedâ, âcompressorâ, ârecirculation flap positionâ, âdistribution flap positionâ, âdashboard push buttonsâ, etc.
  • Enable the recirculation motor, the distribution motor, the mixing motor, the fan, etc.
  • Perform the teach-in procedures of the flaps, if replaced.
  • Restart a system after refill.

Body Computer/Dashboard Diagnosis

  • Read and delete error codes
  • Read the parameters: âkm/dd to the next service couponâ, âfuel levelâ, ânumber of keys/remote controls programmedâ, âlast key/remote control usedâ, âexternal temperatureâ, âenvironment brightnessâ, âdisplay brightnessâ, â last programming odometerâ, âvehicle speedâ, etc.
  • Display the conditions of: connected control units, dashboard push buttons, programmed keys/remote controls, lights and lamps, etc.
  • Activate lights, dashboard analog indicators and display, beepers, etc.
  • Code new keys and remote controls.
  • Set km/dd for the next service coupon.
  • Signal the actual replacement of brake pads and air filter.
  • Enable/disable the beeping signal for the seat belts.
  • Adjust the beam height in the various positionsWorkshop.

Other electronic control units

Recently, new increasingly sophisticated systems have been fitted on the vehicle. In particular it is worth mentioning:

  • Electronic parking brake: the old type of handbrake has been replaced by a push button which controls an actuator which stops automatically the vehicle when it is switched off. The introduction of this system requires test equipment capable of safely accessing the brake pads, programming the braking power, unlocking the wheels when the vehicle is at standstill, checking the state of the push button for disabling the parking brake, etc.
  • Suspensions, steer by wire and traction control: the real technical progress of the last few years (besides the hybrid vehicles) is the introduction of vehicle control and management systems during the different running conditions. At the diagnosis is therefore required commands for checking the height of the body measured by the control unit, height sensor programming, moving suspensions, wheel motion actuation, wheel and steering position measurement, electronic alignment of the assembly wheel/steering/suspen- sions, etc..
  • InfoIntarteinment: from the simple after-market fitted radio, we have passed to highly sophisticated information and entertainment systems, such as GPS, cd/dvd reproduction, hi-tech hi-fi systems, MP3 readers, bluetooth connection with mobile phones. Diagnosis equipment shall connect to these systems in order to set them up and repair them if necessary.
  • Parking sensors and camera: this technology enables sometimes to park automatically. Needless to say that especially in case of accident these systems need diagnosis and repair.
  • Tyre pressure control: checking the tyre electronically is surely one of the challenges of the future. As a matter of fact beside the âmechanicalâ technical progress of tyres and wheel rims of the last years, for the time being there is not yet any active safety system for the tyre. The first step in this direction are the pressure sensors fitted inside the tyre which monitor in real time its pressure. For making diagnosis of this system, it is necessary to view the pressure and temperature data measured by the sensors, program the replaced sensors, enable the transmission antennas, etc.
  • Light management: the introduction of Xenon lights and directional lights has turned the management of a simple light bulb into a complex system in which, through diagnosis, it is possible to check the beam orientation and the absorbed power, align the mechanical position with the electronic position sensor, check the light emission for different vehicle speed rates, enable the light motion, etc.
  • Management of rearview mirrors, central locking system, window lifter, lights and seats: all the actuators fitted inside the vehicle are controlled by an electronic control unit, which enables to make a diagnosis of the component, enable the motion or the starting, check the state of the control for starting/moving these devices, adjusting if necessary due to the replacement of some part, etc.

Tecnomotor offers a solution for these diagnostics needs with the Socio Collection: PC version(Socio 310), Palm version(Socio 510) and Tablet version (Socio 710) models. A complete and unique range to meet any workshop need in terms of electronic diagnosis for cars and commercial vehicles.

The software includes technical information referring to maintenance plan and data for performing them:

  • Type and quantity of fluid to be used for engine, brakes, etc.
  • Type and quantity of freon and fluid to be used for the A/C system.
  • Battery type.
  • Brake thickness.
  • Wheel tightening torque.
  • Inflation pressures of the different type-approved tyres.
  • Values for the characteristic angles.

The 310 and 610 models include also the road test function for making a diagnosis of the vehicle on the road, saving the data and checking later the âtelemetry dataâ for locating the fault.

Another Features:

  • Available languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Croatian, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Albanian.
  • CAN BUS supported (Multiplexed).
  • European cables Kit (Optional).
  • European
    Asian cables Kit (Optional).
  • Specific conector for each brand (Optional).
  • Bluetooth conection kit (Optional).
  • Included 1 year FREE software updates.
  • Integrated Bluetooth.
  • Road test.
  • Month per month Updates.
  • During first year there will be a FREE specialized Call Center service.
  • Capable to print a full diagnostic report (Online data, DTC, Actuator test, etc.).
  • Read and delete Iveco and Mercedes Sprinter DTC, and others.


  • USB Cable.
  • Socio 310 to use with a PC or laptop.
  • Belkin Bluetooth adapter.
  • Transport Case.
  • OBD 16 pin Cable.
  • Software.
  • User Manual.