Shipping costs & lead time

On Board Diagnostic Center SL (now OBDCENTER) makes all its national and international deliveries with important expedited freight companies such us SEUR, ASM, TNT or DHL. The cost of the shipping will depend on its weight. In Spain and Portugal , the minimum cost will be the following:

Peninsula (except Portugal ): 7,95€ + VAT
Balearic Islands : 10,95€ + VAT
Ceuta/Melilla: 8.95€
Portugal: 9.95€ + IVA
Canary Islands: 8.95€

The lead time of available goods for peninsular shipments (except Portugal ) is 1-4 working days once the payment is received in the bank account. For Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta , Melilla and Portugal shipments, lead time is 2-6 working days.

For goods out of stock, the lead time is 15 days from the reception of the payment. In this period, it is not included the time of the Customs process.

The lead time of international shipments have to be asked by e-mail: If OBDCENTER cannot achieve these lead times, the client will be informed of this matter and he could cancel the order. In this case, OBDCENTER will refund the payment to the client and he could not claim any compensation or additional cost to OBDCENTER for this subject. OBDCENTER will send back only the exact quantity paid by the client.

The freight company will deliver the order in the shipping address given in the process of purchasing. In case of shipments that require customs clearance, the delivery can be delayed some days. This fact is totally irrelevant to OBDCENTER and it cannot be claimed to the company. Not only admission customs costs but also exit customs costs, will be paid by the client.


You can verify the status of your orders at any time and from any place as long as you have an Internet connection. Simply start a session by clicking on the “My Account” button and enter your email and password. Once your account is accessed and under the option “My Orders” you‚ll see a list of your latest orders and their status: "Pending", "Being Processed" or "Shipped out”. Click on any of these for more information.


The warranty of the products offered by Obdcenter is of 1 year. 
The customer enjoys a total warranty (return of the product and delivery of a new one) in the event that the product has any anomaly. All costs associated with the return will be responsibility of the client. See returns chapter for more information

For any manufacturing or operational defect in products bought from Obdcenter, the manufacturer is solely responsible. Obdcenter, in its role as the selling company, offers its customers mediation services for contacting the manufacturer or distributor, thereby making itself effective to the customer in terms of the warranty.

In order to activate the warranty, the following documents must be presented:

• Receipt of purchase from Obdcenter. 
• Packaging and all contents (manuals and controls) in perfect conditions.

The warranty will take effect on the day of delivery and/or acceptance of the order.

The warranty will not be valid when... 
The warranty will not be valid in the case of factors outside the normal use of the product such as increased or decreased tension, the use of accessories which are unsuitable or prohibited by the manufacturers, falls, water, fire, or misuse or abuse on the part of the customer or third parties not authorised by the manufacturers.



All the returns sent to OBDCENTER, have to be prepaid by the client. Only returns based in the following circumstances will be accepted. Before sending the good, the client must contact with the client service department by e-mail ( or phone (+34902106054), explain the problem of the faulty item and ask for its return. OBDCENTER will give the client a return document or RMA which has to be joined with the faulty item. The shipment has to be correctly packaged and protected from any knocks. It must be sent to the following address: Avda. Doña Ana, Nave 7 (Polígono Industrial 4ª Fase). postal code: 29130. City: Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga) Spain .

The return policy of OBDCENTER is based on the following conditions:

The client has the right to desist from his purchase in seven days from the date of the reception of the product. This right only is valid when the shipped product is damaged since it is delivered.

Provided the product is faulty from the origin (from manufacturer), it will be changed by other unit with the same characteristics. The freight of the second product will be post-paid by OBDCENTER (only in national territory).

Regarding to those products under warranty used by the client, it will be applied the following conditions:

Every product has a warranty of 12 months. Those products whose outside appearance shows that they have been wrong used or they have been manipulated, opened or damaged, will not be under guarantee.

Broken goods under guarantee will be repaired by our Technical Department or changed by a new one and they will be sent to the client in a period of one week. Delivery costs will be responsibility of OBDCENTER. If none of these options is possible, the product will be changed by other one of the same characteristics.

If our Technical Department checks the interface and detects that the good doesn't have the problem described by the client, the good will sent back to the client with carriage forward.
In those cases in which the good is broken because of a bad use, OBDCENTER reserves the right to repair or change it. In this case, the repair will be made after the acceptance of the estimate by the client.


Every return has to be made with charges prepaid by the client. OBDCENTER will not accept any return with carriage forward, unless it has been agreed by both sides. Returns can be sent by any shipping method, but OBDCENTER recommend to use certificated national post. OBDCENTER has a specialized technical team ready to aid their clients with the utilisation of the products and advise them in the best choice of the product.