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Tunning chip for all TDI vehicles with PD injection.

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With the PD (Pumpe Duese) or direct unit injection system, the diesel fuel is heated to a very high temperature due to its thermal properties. The direct injection system has a temperature sensor that communicates with the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). When diesel fuel is heated to substantially higher temperatures, its density decreases. When this occurs, the fuel temperature sensor communicates the change, and the ECU compensates by injecting more fuel for combustion.

This is where the Powertunning intervenes. Integrated electronics communicates a higher temperature to the ECU, causing more fuel to be injected. The additional fuel is burned along with the excess air, which leads to a proportionate increase in output. The increased fueling will not override the safe operating parameters of your engine and does not change or interfere with ECU functioning.

The Powertunning PD includes plugs that are compatible with those originally installed in your vehicle, and it easily installs directly to the fuel temperature sensor. With the instructions provided, an inexperienced driver can complete the installation in 5 minutes. Other features are highlighted in the product overview below.


Product Overview

  • For all cars PD injection
  • Up to 25% increase in power and 30% increase in torque
  • Improved fuel efficiency (an average of 2.5 MPG!)
  • No interference to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU); original settings are not altered
  • Will not harm your engine, does not increase injection pressure
  • Can be installed by use of original plugs (no soldering required)
  • Will not alter engine diagnostics functioning, will not interfere with engine error code sensing
  • Does not change the service intervals required for your vehicle
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Illustrated installation instructions included



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PD Power Tunning

PD Power Tunning

Tunning chip for all TDI vehicles with PD injection.

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